PCB 4843 Fundamentals of Neuroscience Fall 2018

Course Syllabus as PDF

Written Project

Topics for Written Project

Fri October 26: Select Topic on Canvas
Fri November 9: Draft/Outline of Disease Paper Due
Fri December 7: Final Draft of Paper Due

Structure of Written Report


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Section 1 : Neurons and Synapses

# Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
1 Tue 28-Aug Overview of Nervous System PDF PPT MP4
2 Thu 30-Aug Anatomy of Neurons PDF PPT MP4
3 Tue 4-Sept Brain Imaging PDF PPT MP4
4 Thu 6-Sep Ion Channels, Membrane Potential PDF PPT MP4
5 Tue 11-Sep The Action Potential PDF PPT MP4
6 Thu 13-Sep Synaptic Transmission PDF PPT MP4
6b Thu 20-Sep Neuronal Stimulation PDF PPT
7 Tue 25-Sep Neurotransmitters PDF PPT MP4
8 Thu 27-Sep Toxins PDF PPT MP4

Thur, 27-Sept. Exam 1: Covers Lectures 1-8

Section 2 : Sensory Systems

# Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
9 Tue 25-Sep Receptors, Taste PDF PPT
10 Tue 2-Oct Taste & Olfaction PDF PPT MP4
11 Thu 4-Oct Vision 1: the retina PDF PPT MP4
12 Tue 9-Oct Vision 2: the cortex PDF PPT MP4
16 Thu 25-Oct Touch (online only because of hurricane) PDF PPT MP4

Thu, 23-Oct. Exam 2: Covers Lectures 9-15

Section 3 : Motor Systems & Hypothalamus

# Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
17 Tue 30-Oct Ear 1: Vestibular & Hearing PDF PPT MP4
18 Thu 1-Nov Ear 2: Vestibular & Hearing PDF PPT MP4
19 Tue 6-Nov Spinal Reflexes PDF PPT MP4

Tue, 13-Nov. Exam 3: Covers Lectures 16-20

Section 4 : Higher Processes

# Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
20 Thu 15-Nov Motor Cortex PDF PPT MP4
20 Tue 20-Nov Basal Ganglia PDF PPT MP4
22 Tue 27-Nov Addiction PDF PPT MP4
23 Thu 29-Nov Depression PDF PPT MP4
24 Tue 4-Dec More Depression MP4
25 Thu 6-Dec Learning and Memory PDF PPT MP4
27 Thu 6-Dec Dementia PDF PPT MP4

TUESDAY, 11-December. Final Exam: Covers Lectures 21-26


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