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TimeLeft a time keeper for exams
Xynk fast graphing and statistical analysis
Tracker tracking a subject in video files
Bartender computer system for weighing of bar-coded bottles
MindsEye image management, analysis, and cell-counting
CauseWay *GUI to Prolog knowledgebase causal network analysis *
BoutTime Behavioral Bout Analysis and Ethogram Plotting

Code Snippets

BarcodeLabeler print bar code labels
randomize-treatments randomize treatments across subjects
Markdown2Pages convert markdown to Pages header styles

Legacy Software

TongueTwister lickometer time series analysis
Circadia circadian rhythms data analysis
Origami visualize RNA folding
Somnibus spreadsheet for sleep stage scoring





A time-keeper for exams (or other tasks).

TimeLeft is a small exam timer web app that runs in any browser. It simply displays the current time and the time left for completing a task. I use it during exams by displaying it on the lecture hall projection system. Students seem to like having easy access to the time, just by looking up.

To run TimeLeft, just open any browser (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and go to: https://timeleft.houptlab.org .

The settings are pretty obvious: you specify a start time and a duration for the exam, then click on "Start Timer". The time left is displayed in gray before the start time, then white during the exam. When only 10 minutes are left, the time left is shown in yellow; when only 5 minutes are left, it turns red.

To quit the timer, just close the browser tab or window.

Written in Objective-J with Cappuccino.



A fast scientific graphing and statistics application for Macintosh.

Specifically designed for consistent graphing, 2-way repeated measures, and automatic display of post-hoc comparisons (e.g. Tukey-Kramer HSD).



Computer-assisted video tracking of a subject in a test arena.



Computer system for weighing of bar-coded drinking bottles (or other items).

Preferences and intakes are automatically calculated, sorted by groups, and stored remotely to a central web server.

Barcode labels can be printed with BarcodeLabeler .



Image management, analysis, and cell-counting.

Manages microscopic images in folders, and allows for batch processing of cell counting. Automatic or manual cell counts, tools for double-labeling, outlining of regions of interest. Especially good at c-Fos cell counting!

Download MindsEye


Code Snippets

Small programs or pieces of code that may be useful.


Barcode Labeler (Mac App)

Print out barcode labels of the form "✻[ExptCode] nn [ItemCode]✻". Labels will be printed 10 to a page (i.e. 1-10, 11-20, etc.), with 3 copies of each label. Requires installation of the barcode font "FREE3OF9".


randomize-treatments (Racket Scheme)

A short Racket/Scheme program for generating a random schedule of treatments. Given a list of treatments and a number of subjects, prints out a list of treatments for each subject.

    ; randomize-treatments usage

    > (define treatments '(drug1 drug2 drug3 drug4))
    > (define number-of-subjects 6)
    > (randomize-treatments #:list treatments #:forSubjectCount number-of-subjects)
    6   drug2   drug1   drug3   drug4
    5   drug1   drug3   drug2   drug4
    4   drug4   drug1   drug3   drug2
    3   drug2   drug1   drug3   drug4
    2   drug4   drug1   drug3   drug2
    1   drug3   drug1   drug4   drug2


Markdown2Pages (AppleScript)

If there is a document open in Pages, this AppleScript converts MarkDown headings tags ("#", "##", or "###") to Pages styles ("Heading 1", "Heading 2", or "Heading 3").


Legacy Software

Old software that only runs in the Mac Classic (OS 9) environment. Want an upgrade to OS X? Send me a request at tom@houptlab.org. If demand is high enough, I'll push it up the queue.



For the microstructural analysis of feeding patterns and especially lickometer data.

Download TongueTwister 1.45



Download Circadia2






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