PCB 5845 Cell and Molecular Neuroscience Fall 2017


EXAM 2 will be given on THURSDAY October 19 at 1115-1205pm.


Lecture Schedule [PDF]

Lecture outlines for use only by enrolled FSU students. © T. Houpt Ph.D. Figures shown are copyright by their respective owners.

Date Topic PDF PPT References
Wed Sept 27 Lecture 11: Monoamines PDF PPT Monoamine Notes and Monoamine papers
Thu Sept 28 Exam
Fri Sept 29 Lecture 12: Mol. Bio. of Monoamines PDF PPT
Wed Oct 4 Lecture 13: Neuropeptides/Steroids PDF PPT Neuropeptide/Steroid papers
Fri Oct6 Lecture 14: Molecular Techniques PDF PPT Technique papers
Wed Oct 11 Lecture 15: Intracellular Signaling PDF PPT Signaling papers
Thu Oct 12 Lecture 16: Molecular Signaling PDF PPT
Fri Oct 13 Paper: Maternal Separation and Glucocorticoid Receptors Meaney 1996 Meaney 2000
Fri Oct 18 Lecture 17: Transgenics PDF PPT transgenic papers
Wed Nov 29 Lecture 32: Taste 1 Receptors PDF PPT Taste papers
Thu Nov 30 Lecture 33: Taste 2 Central PDF PPT
Fri Dec 1 Lecture 18: Epigenetics PDF PPT Epigenetic papers
Wed Dec 6 Lecture 19: Paper Discussion
Thu Dec 7 Lecture 36
Fri Dec 8 Lecture 37

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