PCB 4701 Human Physiology Summer 2016

Lecture Recordings

NOTE: These are last year's lecture recordings, and so may differ somewhat from this summer's recordings. (I hope to start posting this years recordings beginning next week when I return).

Recordings will be posted within a day or two of the actual lecture.

Recordings for use only by enrolled FSU students. © T. Houpt Ph.D. Figures shown are copyright by their respective owners.

Section 1

Dr. Fadool's lecture's were not recorded, but you can listen to my versions which should cover roughly the same material

Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
Mon May 9 Lecture 1: Transport PDF PPT L01.mp4
Tue May 10 Lecture 2: Membrane Potential PDF PPT L02.mp4
Wed May 11 Lecture 3: Neurons PDF PPT L03.mp4
Thu May 12 Lecture 4: Action Potential PDF PPT L04.mp4
Fri May 13 Lecture 5: Synapses and Neurotransmitters PDF PPT L05.mp4
Mon May 16 Lecture 6: Muscle PDF PPT L06.mp4
Tue May 17 Lecture 7: Spinal Reflex -- -- L07.mp4

Wednesday, May 18: Exam 1

Section 2

Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
Thu May 19 Lecture 8: Central Nervous System PDF PPT L08.mp4
Fri May 20 Lecture 9: Autonomic Nervous System 1 PDF PPT L09.mp4
Mon May 23 Memorial Day -- no lecture
Tue May 24 Lecture 10: Autonomic Nervous System 2 PDF PPT L10.mp4
Wed May 25 Lecture 11: Somatosensation PDF PPT L11.mp4
Thu May 26 Lecture 12: More Audition PDF PPT L12.mp4

Friday May 29: Exam 2

Section 3

Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
Mon May 30 Lecture 13: Vision PDF PPT L13.mp4
Tue May 31 Lecture 14: Endocrinology 1 PDF PPT L14.mp4
Lecture 14.5: Endocrinology 2 PDF PPT
Wed Jun 1 Lecture 15: Endocrinology 3 PDF PPT L15.mp4
Thu Jun 2 Lecture 16: Heart PDF PPT L16.mp4
Fri Jun 3 Lecture 17: Blood and Vessels PDF PPT L17.mp4
Mon Jun 6 Lecture 18: Cardiac Output PDF PPT L18.mp4
Tue Jun 7 Lecture 19: Blood Pressure 2 PDF PPT L19.mp4

Wednesday, Jun 8: Exam 3

Section 4

Date Topic PDF PPT Recording
Thu Jun 9 Lecture 20: Respiration 1 PDF PPT L20.mp4
Fri Jun 10 Lecture 21: Respiration 2 PDF PPT L21.mp4
Mon Jun 13 Lecture 22: Gastrointestinal Physiology PDF PPT L22.mp4
Tue Jun 14 Lecture 23: GI Physiology, Glucose Dynamics PDF PPT L23.mp4
Wed Jun 15 Lecture 24: Renal Physiology 1 PDF PPT L24.mp4
Thu Jun 16 Lecture 25: Renal Physiology 2 PDF PPT L25.mp4

Friday, Jun 17: Exam 4


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